Help Me Rent

How they assist clients with finding and getting into rentals across the US): For millions of Americans the process of renting a home has become an unwieldy and unnecessary burden, as any combination of bad credit, unsteady income, or other mitigating factors can leave prospective renters on the outside looking in. By taking advantage of the Help Me Rent program, you can bypass the uncomfortable interviews with apartment complex managers and rental property owners, interviews that can often feel like interrogations considering the scope of “private” information these entities are entitled to access. Help Me Rent is an innovative online rental assistance program which specializes in placing deserving renters in desirable properties across the country, and over the last three years we’ve helped connect thousands of satisfied clients with a place to call home.

The foundation of Help Me Rent’s acclaimed and award-winning rental assistance program is our commitment to caring for the wellbeing of our clients, because we believe that the right to rent affordable housing is a fundamental right. Income limitations or blemishes on one’s credit score should never disallow a renter from securing a safe, well-maintained, and comfortable domicile, and Help Me Rent was created to help bridge the growing gap between renters and property owners. Our national network of highly trained prescreening agents provide free consultations via telephone or Skype, and after you’ve answered a few simple questions a personalized Renter Profile is developed. The folks at Help Me Rent take things from there, scanning your Renter Profile into our ever-expanding database and identifying rental properties in your area which are best aligned with your individual circumstances and requirements. When we’ve found at least 10 potential matches within your predetermined moving zone, Help Me Rent helps you find the perfect fit before facilitating the signing of a lease by making your initial deposits as a loan with generous terms.

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Arizona Rentals

Desert Sands Property Management of Scottsdale, Arizona has been a Help Me Rent Prescreened Agent for the last two years, and in that time more than three dozen satisfied clients have been placed in one of our pristine properties. Working alongside Help Me Rent has given our company a significant increase in clientele during Arizona’s traditional slow season, and considering the prolonged economic slump and foreclosure crisis America has recently experienced, this additional income has proven to be a financial lifesaver. Without the continued patronage of clients who were referred our way from various areas of the country – renters who ordinarily would have never known Desert Sands Property Management existed – the recession would have likely doomed our enterprise to the bankruptcy scrapheap. Instead, Help Me Rent consistently connected our agents with renters eager to move in and make themselves at home, and unlike our previous experiences with rental assistance agencies these short-term leases have blossomed into lasting long-term relationships.

One success story that is near and dear to the hearts of agents at Desert Sands Property Management is emblematic of the bond we develop with renters referred by Help Me Rent. Sharon Cahlik is a single mother raising three children while working two jobs, and after foreclosure forced her and her family out of the only home they had ever known, she was faced with a harsh reality as a first-time renter. After exploring the available options on her own Sharon realized that renting real estate was a process rife with risk, and by making the wrong decision she could find herself living in substandard housing while wrangling with an inattentive landlord. Sharon signed up for the Help Me Rent program and her prescreened agent developed a detailed Renter Profile which was eventually matched with one of Desert Sands Property Management’s premiere apartment communities. Today Sharon’s children enjoy convenient access to an award-winning school district, while the family frequents a number of nearby parks during the weekend. Because she was transitioning from one job to another during the time Sharon submitted her rental application, we gladly arranged for a deferred payment plan which allowed her and the kids to move in immediately without incurring an undue financial burden. There are thousands of renters like Sharon out there, and Desert Sands Property Management is proud to partner with Help Me Rent to make sure they have a house to call home.

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